Kittilä Mine Rescue Team Helps the Local Community


On Thursday, January 17, the mine rescue team at our Kittilä mine received a request from the Regional Rescue Service of Lapland for assistance in fighting a house fire in a village located about 20 kilometers from the mine site. The team immediately sprung into action and were ready to [...]

Kittilä Mine Rescue Team Helps the Local Community2019-01-28T08:32:16+00:00

Protecting the Lapland buttercup


The Lapland buttercup (Ranunculus lapponicus) is protected by the European Union’s Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) and Finland’s Nature Conservation Act (1996/1096). It is one of the northern plant species that Finland has a responsibility to monitor and protect. While it is commonly encountered throughout Lapland, the Lapland buttercup is considered rare [...]

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