December 4, 2020

Each year, we have organized a Christmas party for our staff members and their spouses – actually, two Christmas parties, to allow as many of the shift workers as possible to attend. If COVID-19 hadn’t interfered with our plans, this year’s first Christmas party would have taken place on the last Friday in November, with the second one a week later.

We had to cancel the parties, so we decided to make the staff Christmas presents a bit better than usual in their place. Since we also wanted to support local businesses, we obtained the products included in the gifts from local companies. All 500 packages were prepared and wrapped at the flower and gift shop Lumitähti in Kittilä.

“I was delighted with the opportunity to wrap the presents, but it delights me even more to know that the products for these gift packages were obtained from eleven Kittilä-based companies,” says Lumitähti entrepreneur Sanna Ruotsala with a bright smile.

We wish all the companies and their employees in Kittilä a very happy Christmas season!