Health & Safety

We believe that all harm caused by accidents and hazardous situations can be prevented.

  • We apply good and reliable practices in the design and use of machines, devices, and facilities;
  • We provide all of our employees with the required education and training;
  • We minimize the creation of dangerous conditions and ensure that our monitoring systems are in order at all times;
  • We provide appropriate occupational health care services and follow good workplace hygiene practices;
  • We maintain a high level of emergency-readiness in order to be able to act effectively in the event of emergencies.


Our goal is to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, and to protect its viability and diversity.

  • We produce as little waste as possible and ensure that what we do generate is appropriately handled;
  • We ensure that tailings, waste rock, and surface soil are appropriately handled;
  • We apply practices that conserve natural resources such as energy and water;
  • We apply practices that help us minimize our emissions into the air, water, and soil, thereby making our ecological footprint smaller;
  • We restore mining areas in such a manner that, after the mining activities cease, these areas are physically and chemically stable, and we negotiate with local communities about restoration sufficiently early on.

Our Employees

Our goal is a safe and healthy workplace where all activities are rooted in mutual respect and in fairness and honesty.

  • We ensure that no kind of discrimination is tolerated in the workplace.
  • We provide our employees with fair and equal opportunities to report any misgivings or shortcomings.
  • We enable all the people we hire to progress in their careers in accordance with their abilities.
  • We pay competitive salaries.
  • We ensure that our facilities are alcohol- and drug-free.


It is our goal to promote societal, economic, and sustainable development in the communities affected by our operations.

  • We offer a confidential reporting system that can be used to inform us of any unethical, illegal, or irresponsible activities;
  • We acknowledge people’s basic human rights and respect all cultures, customs, and values affected by our operations;
  • We promote open, transparent, and respectful dialogue with all of our interest groups, while also following nationally and internationally accepted principles of operation.
  • We support local communities and their sustainable development methods used to these ends including development programs, sourcing of materials from local suppliers, and hiring of local labor.

Responsible Mining Management System

Mining operations are occasionally carried out in environmentally sensitive areas and often share this space with residents and other businesses. Mining companies must demonstrate both responsible operation and suitability for all residents in the surrounding area, including after the mine closes. This standard will be mandatory for any mining company wishing to conduct business and will be strictly monitored.

Agnico Eagle is fully supportive of this standard and its implementation across the industry. As a result, we started building a company-wide management system to ensure uniform standards for the optimal management of all issues related to the environment, sustainability, community and occupational health and safety.

This system is being developed as part of our sustainable development programs and within the framework of international standards such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ICMC.