Believers and Builders

Agnico Eagle Finland Oy is a subsidiary of Canadian gold-mining company Agnico Eagle Mines Limited. It owns the Kittila mine and engages actively in mineral exploration in Finland and other Nordic countries. Acquired from Riddarhyttan Resources AB in November 2005, the Kittila mine was Agnico Eagle’s first operation outside of Canada.

Agnico Eagle acts with complete integrity while building world class operations. The company provides its shareholders with excellent long term value, while also creating jobs and promoting community well-being wherever we operate, both for the regions and their individual residents.

Our Approach

Agnico Eagle is like a family: we use our first names, and we hold the door open for one another. At the same time, we know that a solid family at home is essential to our employees’ well-being. The well-being of both families helps our communities grow strong and happy.
Respect must be earned through action. We treat people with respect and work hard to be worthy of their respect in return. Everywhere we operate, we strive to be a well-regarded member of the community and a good employer and neighbour.

If we make a mistake, we own up to and we learn from it. We strive to set a good example and be a forerunner in responsible operations. This means taking responsibility for employee safety, our operations’ long-term impacts on local communities and the environment, the transparency of our operations, and our commitments to shareholders. We remember these responsibilities in all we do.

We all wear helmets of the same color. This is a concrete reminder that we are all on the same team, treating one another with equality and respect. We all have similar opportunities in all the countries in which we operate and at all levels of our company.
We trust in the skills, knowledge, and experience each one of us devotes to achieving the best results for us all – colleagues, local communities, shareholders, and the company as a whole. We trust every one of us to get the work done well and safely, and to abide by the commitments we have made to one another.

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The heart of our operations is the Kittila mine – the largest gold deposit in Europe, and a mining leader in Lapland. While its current mine life is estimated to extend until at least 2034, Agnico Eagle through our global exploration program continue to explore our deposits and surrounding areas in the region, including neighboring Sweden. While we always strive to expand our operations, it is essential to continue to work with our local communities and further enhance our current partnerships while building new ones as we continue forward.