The open house event held jointly by the Kittilä mine, the municipality of Kittilä, and the Levi Travel Cluster on Saturday, August 24, attracted about 700 visitors. The event provided information and updates on our mine, the municipality, and Visit Levi and Levi Ski Resort at the Kittilä Sports Hall. We presented our exploration activities and the operation of the departments of the mine, along with environmental and safety matters.

“This was the first time we organized the open house event in cooperation with the municipality and the travel cluster, and all went very well. We can reach more people by joining forces than by each of us organizing separate events,” said the Kittilä mine’s General Manager Tommi Kankkunen.

The info events held in the course of the day interested tourists and residents of Kittilä alike. “We received a lot of excellent questions and feedback both at the info events and during the tours to the mine site,” continued Kankkunen. “The event reflects our good cooperation with the municipality and the travel sector. It seems that, in addition to tourism, Kittilä is now known for its mining operations.”

According to Substitute Mayor Antti Jämsén, the joint event promotes dialogue and the sense of community in the municipality. “It was a pleasure to see so many local residents, families, and people who vacation here at the event,” he said.

The other organizers too were satisfied. “The event was a great success. We are looking forward to to having a joint open house event also next year,” said Visit Levi’s Interim Managing Director Yrjötapio Kivisaari.

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