June 7, 2022

Agnico Eagle Finland is currently building a 5G network for the Kittilä mine in collaboration with Telia, Digita and Nokia. It is believed to be the first 5G network built in an underground mine, and one of the first extensive examples of 5G technology implemented in production use. The network will work both above and underground at the mine.

In April, an important milestone in the project was reached: the first 5G videocall was made from the underground mine to the surface above ground. “The video was bright and clear, and everything worked as intended,” said Project Manager Mikko Vänskä from the Kittilä mine.

“This was an exciting moment for us, because 5G technology has not been implemented in a mine setting before,” General Manager of the Kittilä mine Tommi Kankkunen shared. “5G will increase the performance of our networks above and below ground, which will enable our digitalized and automatized operations to work even more efficiently. With this modern technology, we will be able to continue improving work health and safety as well as reliability.”

The mine’s network will be implemented as a private network of the company using the latest 5G standalone technology. Operating at depths of up to one kilometer and in the mine’s extensive tunnel system, the new 5G technology will ensure optimal performance and a long lifespan for the network.

See an overview of the 5G project, as well as the first call at Kittilä mine here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xto0QsRHSgY .